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Taste the Best of Manitou Springs' Eats and Drinks

03 Sep, 2019

Thanks to the state’s high elevation, Colorado continues to lead the way with some of the very best microbreweries around, including Bee Hive Honey and Modus Hoperandi. And the state is also home to unique liquors from reserve whiskeys to small-batch gins. Fortunately, you won’t need to travel outside our property to find just that. At our very own Red Mountain Bar & Grill, indulge in a taste of Manitou Springs’ tempting spirits from our curated menu of locally-sourced beers, vodkas, whiskeys, and wines (we even have a wine cellar on site!). Stop in for a refreshing cocktail after a long day of exploring; each captures the essence of Colorado’s beauty in every sip. To round out your experience, order a few plates to share with your group for the perfect end to another perfect day in Manitou Springs.

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