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Get In Shape On the Challenging Manitou Incline

17 Apr, 2020

You don’t read about them in travel guides and you can only find them if you know where to look. Here in Manitou Springs, that’s the Manitou Incline. Once a tourist cable car track, it used to take visitors to the top of the foothills for beautiful views of Colorado Springs. But after a rock slide destroyed part of it in 1990, it shut down and became a hiking spot for the locals. It was a grueling hike, technically illegal to climb, that was frequented by only the most athletic and adventurous. Now, the Manitou Incline is becoming a popular hot spot for tourists that are daring enough to try to tackle the Incline. Gaining nearly 2,000 feet of elevation in less than a mile, it’s now legal to climb, but just as difficult to conquer. If you’re in good health and want to challenge the Incline, you’ll be rewarded with stunning, unsurpassable views when reaching the top.

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