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The Cliff House BlogJed and Annies Inspired and Intimate Wedding


01 Jun, 2014

Looking for ideas on how to personalize your own wedding?

Jed and Annie Coy really hit the nail on the head at their Cliff House wedding. I can't say enough about this amazing couple. The details artfully captured by Trystan Photography were carefully thought out based their love of Dr. Who poetry' and books (hopefully they won’t be judging my grammar).

The most apparent component of the wedding was the amazing arch of books that Jed designed and created. During their courtship they discovered both of them shared a love of reading and a favorite poem' The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost which was incorporated into message given by Reverend Calvin Wulf. The arch of books under which the couple was married' symbolized a common bond the two shared as they were united by marriage. The couple plans on displaying the arch as an entrance to the library in their home.

Not so noticeable were the elements from the Whovian culture. Both Jed and Annie wore Chuck Taylors (along with Dr. Who themed socks)'' the signature item worn by actor David Tennant who played Doctor Number Ten from the popular British TV show.

Their wedding cake featured phrases written in Gallifreyon' the coded language from the show. To those of us not versed in Gallifreyon the message on the cake appeared to be a modern design of interlocking swirls and dots. But when translated by Annie we learn that the message on the top tier reads “Jed and Annie” while the message on the bottom tier reads “The Road Not Taken”. The most incredible cake detail however was the chocolate topper a last minute improvisation by good family friend Carolyn. The original topper did not arrive in time' so Carolyn made a replica out of chocolate – what a talented friend Jed and Annie have.

Although her color choices probably had nothing to do with my alma mater' being a Clemson graduate I especially enjoyed the purple and orange flowers featured in Annie’s bouquet and in the table centerpieces. I may be a little biased' but the colors complimented the Cathedral Spires Pavilion room nicely.

Because they chose not to have a formal bridal party or ushers' Jed and Annie invited their guests to “choose a seat not a side” with a creative sign placed at the ceremony entrance. This is a great alternative to the traditional “bride’s side” and “groom’s side”' especially when a majority of the guests are friends with both the bride and groom or if one family is particularly larger than the other family.

With a little creativity' anyone can avoid hosting a “cookie cutter” wedding. When planning your own special day think about what makes your relationship with your fiancé unique and add your own personal touches as Jed and Annie did.