The Cliff House BlogGet Back to Nature in North Cheyenne Canon Park


Get Back to Nature in North Cheyenne Canon Park

02 Mar, 2020

And one of our favorite spots to connect with nature is North Cheyenne Canon Park. With over 1,600 acres of trees, wildlife, flora, hiking and biking trails, geological formations, and climbing walls, Cheyenne Canon is considered one of Pike Peak’s hidden gems. A favorite of locals and in-the-know visitors, the park has something for everyone. Adventurers will want to scale one of the eight different climbing walls in the park, ranging from moderate to steep climbs. For nature lovers who prefer to remain on the ground, try a hike on the Silver Cascade Falls Trail. Then take an afternoon break to visit the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center, where you’ll find a birdwatching window, hands-on natural exhibits, and Junior Ranger programs for the kids.

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