The Cliff House BlogCheer on the Festivities at the Fruitcake Toss


Cheer on the Festivities at the Fruitcake Toss

06 Jan, 2020

Head down to Manitou Springs Memorial Park on Saturday, January 25, when fruitcakes will fly far and wide. What started as a local grassroots event in 1996 has become a community staple that attracts visitors from all over. Cheer on as the holiday’s unwanted desserts are launched into the air. Competitions include a classic hand toss, kid’s toss, a canon launch, and a team catch (just to name a few). For those who love the dessert, there will be a fruitcake baking competition, along with refreshing libations to keep the party going. Awards will be handed out for the farthest hand-toss distance, accuracy, speed, best balance, and more! This event is a true slice of life here in Manitou Springs and you won’t want to miss it.