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Cliff House Restaurant Wine Blog Rated #1

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO, March 24, 2011

Eric Ewers, Cellar Master at The Cliff House Dining Room in Manitou Springs, Colorado, has just elevated his profile by quite a bit. Mr. Ewers and The Cliff House Dining Room have received the #1 rating for their in-house restaurant wine blog, “Wine Flights of Fancy.” Eric pens the blog each week, and it can be found online at The Cliff House's webpage, Wine Flights of Fancy.

Mr. Ewers has four comprehensive blogs up on the site already, with many more to follow. Eric Ewers has also appeared on Southern Colorado’s NBC affiliate News First 5 for their “Savage Kitchen” segment. Eric has paired wine with everything from Corned Beef Sandwiches to Chocolate Covered Strawberries.