A Parade of...Coffins?

Halloween is upon us, inspiring a look back at the history of one of Manitou Springs' most offbeat spectacles. It's the Emma Crawford Coffin Race & Parade, an annual event honoring the late Emma Crawford, who in 1889 was diagnosed with tuberculosis and moved here seeking the healing powers of the mineral springs. Read more

Colorado's Spirited Side

You may have already sampled one of Colorado's plethora of microbrews with fab names like Bee Hive Honey, Laughing Lab and Modus Hoperandi, but did know... Read more

Red Rock Revelry

The red rocks of Garden of the Gods are one of Colorado's most photographed wonders - a collection of towering sandstone rock formations that trace their history to cataclysmic geological events a few million years ago. Read more


As we slip into summer, we can't help thinking about the season's colorful wildflowers and those playful yellow-bellied marmots sprawled out on rocks soaking up the sun mid-way up Pikes Peak. Read more


Imagine trekking through rugged, age-old caverns with only a hand-held lantern as your guide. At Cave of the Winds, you'll be following in the footsteps of two young and mighty adventurous boys who discovered this natural wonder in 1881. Read more


Once called the "Saratoga of the West," Manitou Springs traces its name to its abundant naturally sparkling mineral springs. Native Americans considered the springs sacred, while early explorers to the area wrote of the springs' healing properties. Read more


There's more than one way to reach the summit of America's Mountain. Sure, you can hike but if you're in a hurry, hit the highway - the Pikes Peak Highway. Read more