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The Lacite-Hillman Wedding: Old-World Traditions and a bit of Needtobreathe

I always am intrigued by wedding traditions.

Last I learned of a new wedding tradition at Kris and Kristine's >wedding held at The Cliff House in Manitou Springs.

In Kristine's home country of Latviathe bride and groom attach a lock with an inscription to the railing on the bridge and throw the key in the river or creek below. The tradition is said to symbolize everlasting love as the lock can never be removed without the keyand thus bringing the couple good luck throughout their marriage. I learned later this tradition is popular in Russia and China.

On their way to the bridgeKris and Kristine passed by an group of street musicians who serenaded the newly married couple with their version of Needtobreathe's “Stones Under Rushing Water”. After listening to the lyrics this couldn't have been a better choice. Not only with the reference to the rushing water and stones under the bridge but more importantly the song reminds usalways appreciate what you have while you still have it and survive a rough time by remembering a love that is fresh and new. Thanks to this talented group of musicians for creating an extra special memory for Kris and Kristine on their wedding day.


DJ: Blue Moon Entertainment
Florist:Twigs and Posies
Cake: Little London
Photographer:Lauren Riggs Photography