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The Savage Kitchen: Chateaubriand

There&rsquo s no room for fear in a kitchen.

You can&rsquo t be scared of knives you can't be nervous about that expensive piece of steak in your hand' and you most definitely can't be scared of the flames leaping up out of the range like a ravenous demon's breath.

A recipe' or a technique can help alleviate this fear &ndash take today&rsquo s Chateaubriand marinade for instance. Having a steak fresh out of the marinade in hand and ready for that screaming hot pan in front of you is a thrilling experience but it is at this key moment when the weak fall aside. For not only do you need to go ahead and cook that steak you&rsquo ve got to char it. Sear it to hell and back' developing that amazing caramelized crust that defines the very essence of the chateaubriand.

Fear can enter in here and make you stop early &ndash fear that you&rsquo re overcooking it' or fear of the smoke rising up from the pan. Don&rsquo t let this take over. Stand strong move ahead' sear it right.

When I switch from cooking at the Cliff House to cooking at home' there are a few adjustments to be made. At work if I want some perfectly caramelized peppers and onions - the kind with the crisp sweet roasted flavor on the outside but still a bit of crunch &ndash I can set a pan on high flame for a few minutes getting it smoking hot' then toss in my oiled vegetables and quick sear them with a few tosses of the wrist.

At home' this is a lot harder to do. Without the commercial vents above my home stove (like the ones at work) smoke fills the kitchen oil spatters from the pan and will flame up and the family starts to freak out and may begin to contemplate ordering pizza. This may happen when you try the chateau at home &ndash but stay strong. Let your pan get really hot sear the steak well' and you&rsquo ll be glad you did.

You just may want to turn a fan on - and tell your family to calm down while you&rsquo re at it.

- Chef Savage




Chateaubriand Marinade
Yields: 1 qt 
4 cup      orange juice
1-cup    balsamic vinegar
1-cup    sugar
3 tbl        Sweet Chili Sauce (hot pepper sauce found at Asian markets)
Mix all ingredients together.  Use as a marinade for beef tenderloin (We use 8 oz portion of the thickest part of the tenderloin).  Allow the meat to marinate over night.

Chateau Potatoes
5lb Yukon potatoes
½ lb butter
1 qt heavy cream
½ lb bacon
1 c diced red & yellow peppers
½ c chopped chives
½ c chopped artichoke hearts
½ c sour cream
Salt'' pepper and garlic to taste
Boil potatoes and strain. Melt butter in cream and add to potatoes. Whip together with all ingredients.

Sauté ed New Potatoes
Boil New Potatoes till fork tender. Sautee with bacon and shallots.

Cabernet Gastrique
Reduce 1 bottle of your favorite wine to a syrup consistency.

Truffle Butter
1 oz Truffle peels mixed with 1# butter

To cook Chateaubriand:  Heat a cast iron skillet on medium high.  Char the tenderloin on all sides.  This will cook the chateau to about medium rare.  Finish in a 350° oven until desired temperature.


Bon Appetite!