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The Savage Kitchen: Chateaubriand

There&rsquo s no room for fear in a kitchen.

You can&rsquo t be scared of knives you can't be nervous about that expensive piece of steak in your hand' and you most ... Read More

The Savage Kitchen: Tuna Provencal

À la mode amp;hellip

It doesn amp't really mean amp;ldquo with ice cream amp;rdquo it actually translates to amp... Read More

Mushroom en Croute

So the last time that we talked about mushrooms we were covering Read More

Mornay Bchamel Sauce - Season 2

If there are two extremely vital sauces which every fine cook should know they would be gravy and nacho cheese.

But wait ! you may say. ... Read More

Potato Gnocchi - Season 2

Substitutionus MaximusSwapping Ingredients for Fun and Profit.

What's a gnocchi? Potato dumpling of course.

Well, to be exact it amp's just... Read More

Basil Pesto - Sundried Tomato Pesto - Season 2

In defense of the mortar and pestle...

This week's episode of the Savage Kitchen demonstrates a play on the classic recipe of basil pesto or pesto alla genovese as it is ... Read More

Authentic Pasta From Scratch

Spaghetti Spaghettini' Spaghettoni

If you think that browsing the pasta section of your local grocery is an exercise in finding the strangest shape pasta for your dish' le... Read More

House Vinaigrette Dressing - The Savage Kitchen

Whipping up a batch of vinaigrette is kind of like throwing a party and inviting a bunch of people you know don't really get along. Things are fine for the first hour or so with everybody mill... Read More

Ginger Garlic Marinade for Pork - The Savage Kitchen: Season 2

Now that youve got the best darn pork marinade ever & whats next? How do you marinate other meats? Any other good tips? Lets find out...

The first thing to discuss is what e... Read More

Savory Sweet Potato Souffle - Season 2 - The Savage Kitchen

Savory to Sweet &ndash and Back Again

Souffles are one of the dishes that balance precariously between the opposite realms of the savory and the sweet. A diner could possibly ... Read More

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