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Vegetable Terrine - The Savage Kitchen: Season 2

Woah woah woah!savory Jell-O?? Get that away from
Hang on' before you start freaking out let's sit down and calmly discuss this. Gelatin (or gelatin... Read More

Mushroom Bisque - The Savage Kitchen Season 2

Were back again with another bisque & that creamy deliciously smooth soup weve all grown to love. The timing couldnt be better really with the first days of autumn popping up out of nowher... Read More

How to Portion Cut Salmon Filet At Home

Okay we may have talked about meat fabrication and portioning before but it's a topic that I really feel needs greater attention. It's not simply the fact that you can save quite a bit... Read More

Blueberry Clafoutis - The Savage Kitchen: Season 2

The Allure of the Common...

Everybody loves certain 'homey' dishes (and I'm not talking thug here mind you) & those dishes that their family used to make when they... Read More

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Part Deux - The Savage Kitchen

A Second Look at Pairing Cheese and Wine

By Special Guest Blogger Eric Ewers

- Cliff House Sommelier & Author of Wine Flight... Read More

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