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Viva Italia

Long live Italy especially when it comes to wine. With a brief history of Italian wine making' this article hopes to provide an introduction to the complex world of Italian wine and an homag... Read More

Its Not White Zinfandel

For the month of May let&rsquo,s talk rosé,. As the title implies there are some misconceptions regarding this under appreciated and often maligned style of wine. Let&rsq... Read More

Let's Get Ready For Summer - The Lighter Side of Spring Wines

Colorado&rsquo,s 'comfortable season' is upon us.

Bright promising mornings long sunny days and lingering gentle evenings beg a bit of reflection on the past year even as ... Read More

The First Steps to Becoming A Self-Taught Wine Connoisseur

How Did You Learn About Wine?

Certainly one of the most frequently asked questions on The Cliff House Restaurant&rsquo,s dining room floor ' the purpose of this article is t... Read More

A Second Look at Wine and Cheese Pairing

A Classic Experience

As classic as anything wine and cheese pairings are an integral part of our collective gastronomic heritage.To enjoy this legendary combination offers a glimpse... Read More

How-to Build a Budget Wine Cellar

Let's be real...

it's difficult to hollow out the side of a mountain erect a classically styled chateau and host wine dinners for the who&rsquo,s who of wine in your per... Read More

How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Ask the Pros for Help

Ordering wine in a restaurant can and should be a painless experience. , There are only a few ideas to consider when undertaking this often-uncomfortable si... Read More

The Essentials of Wine Storage

Wine is stored in a variety of ways - from the initial picking of grapes to when the bottle is tipped above your glass. , The ephemeral beauty of wine is delicate and temperamental thus'... Read More

The Mystery of Wine Pairings

What wine will go well with my meal&hellip,or maybe what meal will go well with my wine? In any case there are many components to what we eat and what we drink: textures fla... Read More

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